Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daily Briefing for April 17th

The polls seem to indicate that the Democrats are finished in the House regardless of what they do.  The sheer satisfaction of watching Nancy Pelosi pack up her gavel and take her place in the peanut gallery is almost worth the ordeal the Dems put the country through this year. Almost.

Though whatever the Democrats do on their agenda will inflame anti-out-of-control government sentiments further, it probably cannot get worse for them.  This is a very dangerous situation for the country given the absolute depths of corruption and strong-arms tactics to which the Democrats are willing to stoop.

This is why the energy in the conservative base needs to be channeled towards ferreting out RINOs as much or more than in the general elections.  (See the RINO safari task bar at top).  

The Republicans are virtually guaranteed the mid-term pick-up in seats, and this year looks to be a doozy.  Some have the Republicans at +44 in the House, though I see at least 62 seats in play for Republicans. The crucial question is: What kind of Republicans?

Candidates like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are encouraging - and it appears that they will endure the shenanigans of RNC-endorsed opposition and state political corruption, respectively.  And if statists like Tommy Thompson are on the way out, as he is no longer in the Wisconsin Senate race, I will hardly shed a tear.  The problem is that Russ Feingold emerges the stronger for it.

It is absolutely crucial that we get true conservatives who will look to restore Constitutionally limited government come hell or high water.  The negative consequences are almost too grave to ponder at this point.  Almost.

California Senator Boxer Taking Hits in Polls
Reid Being Harried in Nevada (Poll Lowden +10)
The Mark of McCain? (Poll McCain+5)
Boozman Pouring it on Lincoln in Ark Senate Race (Poll Boozman+15)
Republicans Edge Dems by +3.2-5 pts in Generic Congressional Ballot (Poll GOP +3.2)
RINO Kirk's Enterprise at Risk in Illinois (Poll Kirk +0.3)

Current GOP pick-up estimates: Low: 39, High: 55. (Swing is 41).

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