Information and Analysis
Campaign Diaries - A nice blog on the upcoming elections.

Election Projection - Tracking the 2010 Elections

Hammons' American Politics Guide - Contains some information that is difficult to find elsewhere, such as obscure primary candidates.

House of Representatives, Office of the Clerk - Contains volumes of information on legislation in the House.

CQ Politics - One of the most trusted references on inside the beltway politics.

MapLight - Exposes role of money in politics.  Works with the Sunlight Foundation and OpenSecrets.

National Atlas - Detailed maps of every Congressional district.

National Journal - Slightly left-leaning online magazine that issues scores on conservatism and liberalism based on voting records.

OpenSecrets - One of the best websites for tracking the funding of candidates for public office.

OpenCongress - Not only does it cover political elections, it provides a large database of legislation and assists citizens in tracking the status of bills and executive orders.

Politico - Once a trusted online news magazine and blog, it is gaining a reputation for left-leaning "analysis."

Politics1 - A "comprehensive" guide to politics that very nearly lives up to its self-description.

Project Vote Smart - Informing voters on elections and candidates.  Includes the Political Courage Test, which evaluates what issues candidates support.

Real Clear Politics - With links to numerous articles, latest polling information, and near-comprehensive political coverage, RCP is one of the most popular political sites on the web.

SurgeUSA - A sympathetic website with great up-to-date political information.

Get Out of Our House (GOOOH) - Mobilizing voters to throw all incumbents out.

Glenn Beck Meetup Groups - Links to numerous Glenn Beck activist networks.

Independence Caucus (Icaucus) - Dedicated to vetting representatives who will work on behalf of the American people.

TCU Nation -  A relatively large tea party network.

Tea Party Nation - A site for tea party activists to meet other like-minded individuals and network to advance the cause of freedom.

Tea Party Patriots - A large tea party organizer.  Publishes the New Patriot Journal.

The 912 Project - A grassroots activist site based on Glenn Beck's mission statement for America.

The 9.12 Project Network - Forum for grassroots activists.

Avalon Project - An endless library of political and legal documents from the Yale Library.

Bartleby - Great resources for the classics.

CATO Institute - Pre-eminent libertarian institution. 

Claremont Institute - A lesser-known but outstanding conservative think tank.

Foundation for Economic Education - A top-notch resource on free market economics, with video, audio, and text archives.

Heritage Foundation - Some of the most solid conservative analysis in the business.

'Lectric Law - Popular legal resource.

The Library of Congress (American Memory) - One of the most immense collections of American history and politics online.

Mises Institute - Austrian School blog and resource.

The Online Library of Liberty - Delves deep into the philosophical, economic, and historical foundations of liberty.

The University of Michigan Library - Immense collection of government documents and political information.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - Compiles records of President Reagan's speeches, media events, and papers.

Tenth Amendment Center - Devoted to states' rights and expressed Constitutional powers of government. Also has one of the best blogs around.

THOMAS - U.S. Legislation database.