Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daily Briefing for April 15th

Tax Day tea party rallies are scheduled nationwide, with notable gatherings anticipated in Washington D.C., Minnesota, and Nashville, among numerous others.  If you have the opportunity to get out and show support, let the politicians around the nation know that we aren't going away!

For a list of Tea Party rallies scheduled for April 15th see:
Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Revolution
Tea Party Express

Also see PJTV for exclusive live streaming coverage of tea party rallies nationwide.

In other news, the lackadaisical support for and ultimate loss of Edward Lynch in Florida's heavily Democratic District 19 special election April 13th underscores the point that we need targeted, concentrated opposition to defeat statists around the country, in primary, special, and general elections.

While progressives are celebrating the victory of yet another one of their criminal racket being elected to office, tea party activists need to reflect on the dismal turnout and lack of awareness of what was going on in Florida 19.

Without a serious concerted Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort, including the participation of precinct chairs, races closer than Florida 19 can slip out of reach.

Considering that Democrat voter fraud will be in full swing, with the participation of George Soros' Secretary of State scam, we need to overwhelm the districts that are on the edge and put them out of reach by at least four to five percentage points.

We cannot afford to watch districts and states that are within two to three percentage points of conservative victory be compromised by fraud, as appears to be the case with Minnesota's farcical Franken victory and the absentee ballot shenanigans in NY's 23rd election, which saw Doug Hoffman's premature concession to Republican-endorsed Democrat Bill Owens.

So stay active!  Stay engaged!  Never give up the fight!

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