Friday, April 16, 2010

Daily Briefing for April 16th

With the hundreds of tax day protests involving "thousands" of tea party activists in our wake, and the fog of the media blackout yet to be lifted, it is best to boldly forge ahead to smoother waters.

We have expressed our moral outrage admirably, and for that, all Americans must be applauded.  But Washington D.C. is not tone deaf, nor willfully blind; it is intent on doing what the political class wants, whether Americans disagree with it or not.

We are maturing as a movement, as the Democrats' politics of hubris begins to wear thin.  We are less reactionary and more focused, clearing aside the media memes, disinformation, and diversionary tactics like a thresher scything off the kernels of truth.

And the truth is that we are a movement growing in influence.  In the month since the Democrats force-fed a majority of Americans the unsavory healthcare bill, for every two tea party patriots, another one has joined the fray.

The media and the elites can attempt to forestall the crashing wave of voter retribution by silencing our voices, but they cannot quell the fervor in our hearts and minds, our love of freedom, and our passion for restoring America to her greatness.

Our vision is what unites us, and the haze of lies the government and its fawning advocates place before our eyes can only dim the light that leads us; it will never extinguish it, and we will move forward despite all obstacles in our way.

Liberty is the light that gives yield to the fruits of our lives' labor, and now our labor of love is to shine the light of liberty across this great land.  We are joined in a marriage that can never be separated.  We are at one with liberty and the America of our forefathers.

Tyranny cannot and will not prevail; deceit and deception are its natural soil.  And my friends, on this our native soil, man will take his last stand against the enemies of freedom.  In our encircled bastion, the lovers of liberty will hold fast, and will not fail. We Americans are not deceived.

We will exact our vengeance calmly, and resolutely.  We will work tirelessly as long as is necessary to deconstruct the lies on which our government has been erected.  We will undo the myth that government is able to live and do for us. We will restore government to its rightful place as protector and defender of our lives and do the rest ourselves.

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